Things I’ve learned this weekend…

-In true New York City form, the weekend of fashion week has provided me with new insights, new annoyances, and new inspiration.

Things that annoy me about men, as briefly as I can make it:
I have found in New York, and for most of my adult life (since I became thin mostly,) that there is a very costly conundrum that comes with being thought of as attractive. For example, in my search for a new career path, I have had seven interviews, three offers for dates, and ZERO job offers. As a perpetual learner, self educator, and someone who took their education very seriously, this infuriates me. After graduating in the top ten in my class from a top 100 University, I have struggled to find my place in the work force.  Is it a cop out to blame that all on my looks, certainly. But, when you combine a certain look, with a certain personality, your compassion is so often misconstrued.
This would all be fine and dandy if these dates were going well…because let me tell you they haven’t been. There are so many things that frustrate me in the dating world but none quite like my most recent encounter. I went out with a guy, who my father set me up with, who seemed like the perfect gentlemen. He paid for my cabs, and opened doors, and texted me every day. That was all amazing until date number three, (which for the record was tickets to a Giants game that I bought for us.) That night, I did not sleep with him. I admit, I let it get further than it should have, because, truthfully, I couldn’t resist. In the end, I told him I wanted to wait. I have always held myself to high standards with men, because it is my genuine belief that if everyone can have something it looses its’ value. The guy, was a complete gentlemen about it. I knew it, I knew he was wonderful, next time I would definitely go for it. What happened next time? Oh wait, that was the last time I saw him, and the last time he texted me……
Then there are my guy friends. I have a great group of male friends, they usually connect really well with me, and I am generally their go to for advice on other women. I love to help, and I have seen my insights really help my guy friends grab their girls. The problem being, a. once they have her you’re gone, no matter how much they promise you otherwise, and b. when you are having a guy problem and want their opinion, nine out of ten times, they give you “I dk.” When I think about it I have so many guy friends who I know intimate details about, who know little to nothing about me.
….I think that’s all I am going to write about for now on the topic, but eventually I will have to share some of the hilarious dating encounters I have had in New York City.

The Slight Edge that gave me the slight edge:
I read “The Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson last  year. It focuses on daily disciplines that compounded over time will give great results. In the book he says to choose three things (I think it was three, I know I did three) to do every day, and learn what can happen over time. I chose the following:
– Read 10 pages of a self help book every day
-Drink 8 Glasses of water every day
-Journal 1 page every day
Weekly I added:
– Yoga 3 times a week
– Weight lifting 5 days a week
-Training for a half marathon (so whatever the run schedule says)
-Changing out my Cds in my car for self help books on tape.
It has been six months and I can’t even tell you the progress I have made. I ran my fastest 5K this week, and have built up my business sense immensely. I will continue to keep going with these small disciplines and continue working on myself. I do however, beyond this, refuse to advertise it. I will not be posting about my “clean eating” or “6 mile runs” on instagram, I will just do it.

Blog life, and how to get there:

I noticed at all of the fashion shows, there were tons of “Fashion bloggers,” turned “stylists.” EXCUSE ME, how do you do this??? This seems like a far more interesting career than what I have been looking at in selling insurance. In true researcher fashion, I bought a book about blogging. Hopefully from this point on you will sell all of the improvements it is affording me.

Can I be an insecure girl for 2 seconds?:

Now, I would like to start this by saying that I am not expecting much from anyone living on the other side of the world from me, but I was looking forward to our Skype session today. He blew it off and never answered me. I hate to even write about something so personal, and vulnerable, but it just wasn’t fun.

While I have to be real in saying that I don’t struggle for male attention, I do struggle to find quality men, and I thought, or still believe, he is one of them. I am going to try to be as nonchalant as possible (which is so unnatural for me.)

On that note I have hot yoga in the morning to start my week as peacefully as I can.
‘May your Monday be short, and your coffee strong.’

ox B

This would be the back cover of my book…

If this blog was a book this would be the back cover, a little summary of what you’re getting into reading.
I’ll be honest in saying that I felt the need to start writing for 3 reasons; reason number one, I was writing in my journal this evening and my hand cramped mid story, reason number two, I have the feeling my life is going to get very exciting and I want to document it, and reason three, is to keep myself accountable. With all of this new excitement, I don’t want to get off track, and all of the self help books that I am so diligently reading say to ‘write it down.’
My life after college has been rocky to say the least, but I know in my heart of hearts, I’m moving into my own and ready to take life, and the world by storm. The excitement may have come from what seemed to be ‘bad things’ happening to me, but I see how these experiences, and things, have aligned me to where I am now and where I am going.
First, my career. Well, I got fired from my job…yep… as embarrassing as that is to admit, that is what happened. The funny thing, and I will elaborate later, is that I was fired on a day when I came in two hours early (voluntarily) and with coffee for the entire staff. Anyway, I am only twenty-six and I have to opportunity to do anything I want, literally, anything. I fully plan on making the most of this. (Speaking of which, I have a phone interview tomorrow!) And with my new job in place, I am going to start implement the secrets I learned in the wonderful Tony Robbins, Money, Master the Game.
My next point, self help books, I read them, lots and lots of them. I am improving myself day by day and my chi is right where it needs to be.
Last, and as you will see certainly my most favorite topic (as you will see) is love. Not to say that I am in love now, but, the story is really cute. Again, something I will elaborate on later. The back cover version, is that I was on vacation with my ‘wolf of wall street douche bag’ and I met someone else. It didn’t seem like much at the time, and he was from across the world, but we have kept in touch. In the past, I have always treated men as an inexhaustible resource. (They really always have been for me.) My issue has always lied in their lack of respect. (Can we talk about how many times I have been ditched for “not putting out” fast enough.) I am normally very skeptical and shy with men, because lets face it, they have more than earned it. This guy was extremely respectful, and remains sweet, and charming, and doesn’t seem to play games. (I say doesn’t seem now because look at me, I am a skeptic.) I won’t get into the good looks or the accent yet…. Anyway, I am daring to take a bit of a risk, and I am going to save to go to London and visit him. How, in this world is a jobless girl doing that?? Well the ideal came to me today, and I plan on using this forum to document my progress and savings. I decided to clean out my closet, literally. I have tons of designer clothes with tags on them. I did a little research, and I am going to sell them, and save all of the money in a London fund. This way I can still use my new salary to pay my parents back, as you can imagine, I’ve racked up quite a debt being unemployed. Anyway today marks my first sale, two j crews, 1 Lilly Pulitzer, and a runway Ralph Lauren for $50 and a Michael Kors watch, which I will resell for more!
Day 1- $50 …..$ to goal $950…Watch out London.
Last thing I promise, I am a personal trainer,but I have always struggled with my weight. So occasionally you hear a juice cleanse vent, or some marathon training business.
This was the longest back over of a book ever, but I hope you’re intrigued. My life is about to get wildly great, and I hope you read along for the ride.
Close your eyes sugar pies.
oX. B